Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Download Patch PES 2016PES 2016 GC 2015 Official trailer, New images and information- RODHOSAY BLOGSPOT

KONAMI launched today the new PES 2016 gameplay trailer at Games Com 2015. 

PES 2016 Gameplay Trailer

In this new trailer, creted by Weedens, we can see teams like Juventos, Bayern, Brazil and players like Neymar, Neur and Morata showing some of the new tricks who will be featured in the new version of PES 2016. But, the most breathtaking part of the video it was the commentaries. They looks stunning, fluid and real, replacing one of the most "hated" things by PES fans in the PES series.

PES 2016 to feature Wolfsburg and St. Jakob-Park

In the new images released today by KONAMI we can se Woflsburg licensed, St. Jakob-Park, Basel`s home stadium and the host for the 2016 UEFA Europa League Final, some of the new menus and features of the new game.

PES 2016 Demo on Thursday, August 13

KONAMI confirmed today, through its official twitter account, the teams who will be included in the Demo, set to be released thursday 13.

UEFA Euro 2016 Exclusive License

PES 2016 New Gameplay Video

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