Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Download Naruto Instrument Funny, Happiness Theme(Ceria)

Here is I want to share about Naruto Theme Instruments Category Funny. Did you know instrument naruto ? it is an instruments that usually played on a Naruto scene, which made you feel sad, spirit, or imagine something  .. definitely is not opening or ending song .Just take home

  1. Afternoon Of Konoha
  2. Daylight Of Konoha
  3. Evening
  4. Go Go Naruto
  5. Hyouhaku
  6. Konohamaru's Theme
  7. Morning
  8. Naruto's Daily Life
  9. Ninmu
  10. Obito Theme
  11. Victory
oke that's all, if you wanna request please comment like this example.
example : 342 (16:00-19:00)
then send your comment to : Naruto Instrumental
once again. if link is damaged please comment below

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  1. Naruto shippuden eps 386 menit ke 04:53 sampai 06:32

    1. judulnya "obito theme" cari di kategori PEACEFUL


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