Sunday, 11 October 2015

Download Patch PES 2016PES 2016 How to add new Scoreboards in PTEPatch Update 1.0 Scoreboard Manager- RODHOSAY BLOGSPOT

-For scoreboards that have not  PTEPatch  installer file (CPK file) follow these steps:
1- Create a folder with the scoreboard name in this folder:
                    Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/PTE/scoreboard 
2-Rename the Scoreboard cpk as "ptepatch_sco.cpk
3-Put this file in the new folder created. 
4-Create a "png" picture and put it in the same folder ,named "preview.png"
5-Start PTEPatch.exe and select the new save 
6- Play the game

-For scoreboards with PTEPatch installer follow the instructions of this Del Choc video tutorial:



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