Saturday, 17 January 2015

Download Instrument Naruto Sadness UPDATE 2 (Sedih)

Here is I want to share about Naruto Theme Instruments Sadness UPDATE 2. a continuation of the previous one. Did you know instrument naruto ? it is an instruments that usually played on a Naruto scene, which made you feel sad, spirit, or imagine something  .. definitely is not opening or ending song .
Just take home

  1. A Mother's Love
  2. Danzo's theme
  3. Decision 2
  4. God's will
  5. Grief and Sorrow
  6. Grief and Sorrow 2
  7. Guren
  8. Jiraiya Tribute
  9. Kimimaro's Theme
  10. Light of a firefly
  11. Minato saves Kushina
  12. Minato saves Kushina[HIGH QUALITY]
  13. Moonlight talk
  14. Obito's Death Theme
  15. Obito's Dream[NEW]
  16. Rain from a Cloudless Sky
  17. Regret
  18. Sadness and Sorrow 1
  19. Sadness and Sorrow 2
  20. Seeking Answer
  21. Student and Teacher
  22. Tragic
  23. White Clover
oke that's all, if you wanna request please comment like this example.
example : 342 (16:00-19:00)
then send your comment to : Naruto Instrumental
once again. if link is damaged please comment below

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  1. Link-nya ada yg dijadiin satu dong :( Domo arigatou ^^

  2. min, untuk yang minato save kushina ada yg best quality gak, itu kayaknya low quality

    1. sudah ada gan, silahkan lihat di homepage :D


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