Thursday, 4 July 2013

Download Patch PES 2016PES 2014 FEATURES: Arabic commentary, Edit mode, Master League, weather, 3rd kits and much more!- RODHOSAY BLOGSPOT

Konami are today holding a PES 2014 community event during wich there also was a Q&A with producer Manorito Hosoda about PES 2014. During the Q&A it got known that players will be able to move clubs and manage national teams in the ML mode. It was also said that the PES 2014 demo date would be announced at the end of the month.


- 75% completion - significant progress made since E3 code (60%).

- Bayern Munich and Santos FC - 2 teams playable in the latest code.

- Arabic commentary - Raouf Khlif will rock the Arabian mic this year. 

- PES 2014 Demo - release date will be announced at the end of the month.

- Online cheaters - More "prevention in place" to stop cheaters.

- Steam - PES 2014 will be available on Valve's famous platform.

- Master League - able to change clubs and manage national teams.

- Cover star - to be announced soon. Cristiano Ronaldo gone?

- Edit Mode - More emblem slots, and low socks and tight shirts return.

- Import Prequel Data - removed due to the new engine.

- New licenses - to be announced at Gamescom (21-25 August).

- New stats system - Goalkeepers now have their own specific stats.

- Weather - will affect matches. Dirty kits return. Snow unconfirmed.

- 3rd kits - introduced either in-game or via DLC


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